1/24th Cottage Review

If you’ve been following along on Instagram you know I’ve been working on this sweet little lightkeepers house in 1/24 scale for the past couple of weeks. Yesterday I found a few minutes to get the shingles on so it’s finally completed and sitting on top of my favorite cabinet. It needs some window boxes to make it the perfect cottage but other than that it’s just the sweetest thing.

The kit comes complete and you can finish it without having to buy anything except paint and glue but I wanted a door that wasn’t completely solid and different windows so I changed them out. { I’ll link the ones I purchased at the bottom of the post } I also used the shingles provided with the kit except for the last row and I used my normal 1/24 shingles. They’re the same width but a little shorter so I didn’t have to cut length off on the top row. Which I hate doing by the way lol.

I finished the outside in my favorite pale green, a brighter white trim and then a weathered roof. I get asked a lot about how I do my shingles so maybe a “weathered roof tutorial“ is in order. My dad cut me a little step last night with some scrap wood and so I painted it and glued it in place. The edge trim is my own 1/4” stick trim you can find at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s. The trim provided I felt was too wide for this tiny house.

For the inside the only real changes I made were that I cut four rows off the top floor to make it more of a loft and I painted the floors white. Everything else is how the kit came, I just finished it how I wanted.

I took the same green from my exterior and lightened it quite a bit for the wall color then darkened it for the door. I used the same white from outside on the floor and trim, plus my little board wall on the right side. Upstairs I papered my side walls in my favorite green cottage floral wallpaper.

I used the same 1/4” stick trim from the outside corners to trim my door. I didn’t trim the windows because it felt too overpowering on such a small house. In stead I filled in the inside of the window frames with sticks, then wood filler and painted them, so they’re more like a cased/wrapped window.

My pros and cons on this one are really just personal preference. There’s not really anything wrong with it to complain about.

Cons: I’m not a fan of the way Real Good Toys rounds their window openings. It’s annoying. You’re supposed to square them off before you start. I don’t and I feel like a lot of people who buy a “kit” don’t have a saw so it bugs me. I use an exact knife to trim the sharp edges on the inside of the windows instead and it works fine. A little extra wood filler and I’m all set

I also don’t like the kit windows. With SO many ready made window options I’m not building inside and outside window frames and trying to get them square. I’m just not. I’m way too impatient for that.

Those negatives are really just personal preference though and not really a flaw.

All in all it’s a great little kit for a really good price point if you’d like a smaller project. It’s a quick build weekend project too! Which is honestly my favorite kind. It wasn’t a weekend project for me because I have a toddler 😂 but it “could” have been.

If you build one yourself please share it with me on Instagram. I’d love to see how you finished yours.

Have a wonderful rest of the week and I hope you’re all crafting to stay busy like we are. Stay healthy friends

xx Dani

Products Used:

Lightkeeper House 1/24th Scale

1/24 Shingles for the top row

1/24 Victorian Glazed Door

1/24 8-light window with shutters x2

1/24 Door Knob

Quick Grip Glue