A New Year

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

I’ll be honest, I’m more mentally lined up with a Chinese New Year. It seems to be that I feel more refreshed about mid-February than early January after the holiday season leaves me kind of exhausted and also trying to get back to a normal routine after a couple of weeks of eating way too much and enjoying my family.

This year was so hard for so many people all over the world but it’s also given a lot of people a chance to slow down from their constant busy routine and an opportunity to change their perspective. Slow living is my goal so that didn’t bother me too much at all.

For us, this year has been challenging but also had some really big blessings in it for our family and those are outweighing the bad things. We have also had a chance to figure out our dreams and goals and start to work together towards them.

I will admit I have kind of enjoying the world slowing down and watching some of the things that my friends have created out of boredom or having more free time. I’ve seen some really beautiful things come out of this year already, and I know we’ll realize more as time goes on. So many people had time away from the never ending list of obligations and were able to find something they love or are passionate about. Which is a huge blessing as far as I’m concerned.

On a business side of things, thank you all for continuing to support my little shop and Instagram during this time of uncertainty. I‘ll admit I was nervous about how things would go for me as an Etsy seller and so many of my usual items were backordered, along with missing mail and international shipments taking ten times longer to arrive. You have all been so wonderful.

I appreciate you continuing to support my dreams and this sweet little (growing) family of mine. We are all looking forward to a new year and renewed hope and blessings.

I’m thankful for your friendships. Your business. And your encouragement.

Wishing you all so many blessings in this new year that you can’t even count them. Sending you lots of love xx Dani