A Spring Project

Well, we just got moved in, unpacked and (mostly) settled and our baby boy is due in seven weeks so why not squeeze in a Spring project or two? I think it's perfect timing.

Honestly this will be my last project until after our little guy is here so I enjoyed working on it and now I can just focus on finishing up a couple of custom orders and hanging out with my sweet little family while enjoying this gorgeous weather we've been having here in the South. Tennessee is tricky though in the Spring, you have these beautiful not-too-hot days and then all of a sudden it's humid and miserable and yucky until the end of August. I'm just happy the baby is due next month and not mid-Summer. And y'all should have seen me with this big ole belly trying to get down on the ground yesterday to take these pictures. I think I was probably squishing him

I've teamed up with Hobby Builder's Supply ( again for this sweet project. I used the truck I already had on hand, plus the peddlers push cart kit and lots of other little goodies that I'll link at the bottom of the post in case you want to create your own Flower Market truck or cart.

Let's start with the push cart. I used this kit last year on the Easter cart project and loved the way it turned out. It is not hard to put together but it is tedious and I don't remember getting as frustrated with it last year as I did this time. Maybe it was pregnancy hormones but here are a couple of things I learned this year. First of all, identify all of your parts and lay them out. The pictures aren't super clear so lay them out and read through all the steps. Secondly, paint before you assemble. It's a total pain if you don't. Just trust me on this one. I used my favorite pale gray for the cart itself, the roof is actually beadboard that Frank cut to size for me, and then I used white for the wheels. I wanted the flowers to be the main focus so I left the color on the cart light and airy.

I went with white, gray, pale blue and green flowers for the color palette and tons of little pots and planters. You can never have too many shabby pots. Ever. I have so many around here.

This adorable little spray mist bottle is my NEW favorite thing. It's a deep green and I knew it had to be part of the flower cart.

See! Cutest thing ever right?

Ok so the pots were all terra cotta and I just put a quick coat of white paint on, let that dry then a little brown dry brushing and they were ready to go. Same with the watering can. I rubbed some white paint on with my finger, then brown, then smeared it in a little bit. I filled most of the pots with flowers but I do love empty pots too so I did leave some without anything in them. I also love the little wooden ladder. I have one I painted green too and I use it all the time in pictures. They're inexpensive and fun especially in a garden shed or could be really cute in a shabby kitchen too as a step stool for high shelves.

Moving on to the truck, because if I'm being 100% honest with you, it's one of my favorite miniature things that I own. I leave it out on my desk and change it out seasonally. Levi loves it too. A little too much and he's quick to empty it and put dinosaurs inside who like to eat my flowers.

I already had the truck and a lot of the other little items from HBS, like the rusty metal planters and pitchers and those wash tubs. The potting soil is so cute and it's new. Really I just changed out the flowers and rearranged everything.

I hope you enjoyed seeing both of these and maybe feel a little inspired to create a Spring flower scene or two. I love using my favorite products over and over again. These are all so versatile that I can easily go from Spring to Fall and fill it with hay bales, sunflowers and pumpkins again. I love the softness of these colors for the flowers for Spring but Sunflowers are my favorite flower, followed almost immediately by Daisies. I even really liked Daisy for our baby if we'd had a girl.

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week. Please tag me on Instagram if you build the cart or fill the pickup truck. I'd absolutely love to see it @joyfulcottageminiatures

List of products used for this project:

(Oh and I just saw on the website that they have two specials going on...15% off your entire order or $25 off every $100 you spend. So it's a good time to stock up)

1948 Ford Pickup Truck

Peddler's Push Cart Kit

Rusty Garden Planter (tall)

Rusty Lantern

Metal Watering Can

Green Mister Bottle It's out of stock but worth the wait to backorder. Too cute

Small Pot with Saucer

Larger Terra Cotta Pots

Small Terra Cotta Pots

Potting Soil

Galvanized Wash Tub

* Crates, Flowers, Seed Packs and everything else shown is either my own collection or from my shop. The flower sign is from Lea @atelier.miniature

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