April Market

It’s that time again! My April Market is finally ready and will be for sale tomorrow morning

This update was truly a labor or love. I had the genius idea to make everything I would have wanted for my own dollhouse and I worked my butt off. Well that wasn’t such a bright idea because I ended up wanting to keep it all. No kidding! I knew just where I’d put it in my “not even built yet” dollhouse 😂 So I hope you’ll all love it as much as I do.

Its my favorite color palette and extra dirtied because I like it that way. I’ll share a few sneak peeks below... hope to see you tomorrow. Have a great Easter weekend xx Dani

P.S.....I’ve been getting messages about the Ark. As much as I wanted it to be ready, it is not included in this update. I’m not pleased with the way the animals were made so I ordered new ones in a couple of styles. Whenever I get those just right I’ll upload those three sets to my Etsy shop randomly. So keep watching Instagram for that update. I appreciate you all choosing to spend the money you work hard for at my shop so I want to make sure it’s worth it. The ark itself is sooooooo adorable though.

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