Artists Supporting Artists

I love Instagram. I love seeing art from all over the world, connecting with people I’d never otherwise have met and supporting each other’s dreams, goals, and art.

I ran across the sweetest artist a couple of months ago on Instagram through another artist. Her name is Amelia and she’s only 20 and a self taught artist.

She paints the sweetest farmhouse style scenes and I started asking her about florals and mini canvases. Well it just so happens she’s agreed to paint sweet shabby paintings for my shop! And I’m thrilled to have the samples here to share with you. For now I’m selling these through PayPal invoice, Amelia will paint them and send them to you. I can’t wait to show them to you....I know you’ll love them as much as I do!

Right now I have these three styles to choose from and they’re teeny! Im sure she’ll paint more for us too. They’re the perfect size for your mantle, entryway table or to hang in your dollhouse dining room.

They are handpainted on wood board so very sturdy. Each one will vary slightly and are $35 each

Email me or message me to order your own

You can find Amelia‘s art on Instagram for your full sized house too