Easter Project

It's almost Easter AND I actually got my project done on time! Wow. I don't even know how that happened. I spent the past month thinking Easter Sunday was the end of April and not the 12th. So it caught me a little off guard when I figured it out :)

I worked with Hobby Builders Supply on this sweet little cart and I'll tell you, I love the way it turned out. I had planned to do one for Christmas but with everything going on it just didn't happen. I'm glad I waited because there's nothing sweeter than pastel bunnies and ducks in the Spring.

The kit I used for the cart is The Peddler's Push Cart and it's very simple. Easy to follow instructions and goes together quickly. I assembled mine and then painted it. The little wheels roll too... which is very cute. It comes with a roof frame. You can use fabric or paper, lace, moss, whatever you have on hand or want to use for your roof. I used a strip of wainscoting/beadboard for the roof. You can find it here. I did not glue it in place permanently just in case I wanted to change it out and make something different with the cart later.

I really like the way the roof turned out with the lines cut in and think it gave it another dimension. The kit calls for wooden dowels to go through the edges of the frame (they come with the Peddler's cart) but I knew I wanted to string something through there with silk ribbon so I left them out. I made glitter Easter eggs out of beads the same way I make the Christmas ornaments and strung them up. I think they are just what it needed.

The little Easter Basket is from a kit and gosh it's so sweet. I want to make a hundred more! The eggs were brightly colored (and pretty) but not the colors I wanted to use in this particular project so I painted them and gave them a quick shabby makeover. I got them the colors I wanted and then I splattered them with a little brown paint. I used them on the cart in a cake stand (found here) and also stuck some in a bottle brush tree that I dyed pink. Typically I use a different glue but for the baskets and even the cart this time I just used craft glue.

I have been collecting Spring themed miniatures for years along with making a few things for the shop lately that fit right in, so this was a really fun project for me to do.

This sweet little bunny was cute like he came (you can find him here) but I needed him to be a little.. dirtier :) So I shabbied him up too