Farmhouse Dreams

I‘m from the south and I can still tell you the location of the old farmhouses that I saw while riding in the car as a very small child that made my soul happy.

From tall southern estates, to old barns, and even the tiny little houses with tin roofs. Something drew me to them then and not much has changed now. I’m still farmhouse dreaming at 36 but now I’m not only dreaming of living in one, I also want to recreate them in miniature and decorate them.

I have a 1/24 project with that had to take the back burner for a while since I haven’t been feeling well, all though I’m not 100% back to normal I do feel like I’m able to (very) slowly work on bringing this project to life and I’m excited to share it with you here on the blog. I hope you’ll follow along

Have a wonderful rest of the week xx