Farmhouse Entryway

I've been wanting to share this sweet entryway for a while now but, that also meant I had to get it finished right? Gosh. This year has been busy for us so far but I finally have it all ready and decorated and am ready to share it with you all. I wish the rest of the house was done too. One thing at a time....

I teamed up with my sweet friends over at Hobby Builder's Supply for the entryway to the Serendipity Farmhouse and I'll link the products used at the bottom of the post. I hope you'll enjoy looking at it. The front door is very important since that's where your first impression is, so flowers and shabby letters are a must I think. The mail slot is my favorite thing ever.

When planning the entry, I knew I wanted lights on the wall and the ceiling too. I also knew how I wanted the stair case to look. So I started with these two lights wall lamps and then worked on finding a ceiling light and staircase. I also loved the little light switches. So cute.

The lights looked newer than I like so I dry brushed a tiny bit of white on them and brown too. Not covering just a little here and there.

I have not decided exactly which spindles I want to use yet so for now the stair rail and spindles have been left off until I figure those out. I used 1/2" bass wood sticks for all of the floor downstairs. I took the doors out of the door frame so I could just have transom openings in the house. I got this cute little painting from HBS but the frame was too shiny gold for me so I dry brushed a little white paint on, followed by brown and viola! Ready to go. I hung the little light switch here by the stairs. They are also shiny gold so I just dry brushed a little white and brown on too.

I did a doorway in the front to go into the room that will be the kitchen and dining room and one in the back to go into what will be the living room. I put a wall light on both the front wall and then the side wall going into the hallway by the living room door. It lights up this little space so nicely.

Doesn't the ceiling light look great? Gotta love battery powered lights. If you haven't used these you're missing out. They're gorgeous and the soft glow is so pretty. There is a base metal ring that has a sticky tab on it, I actually glue and don't just rely on the sticky part. You stick that in place then the actual light fixture sticks in place magnetically. You can pop it on and off to turn the light on.

I chose to use this beautiful wainscoting only on the side wall without the stairs because I knew it would interfere with the stairs going up. I didn't use baseboard on this section because the paneling is so pretty alone, I didn't want the baseboard to cover it up. The stair wall, I used the baseboard.

Everything is white and shabbied to keep this small space bright and not too dark. I went with a very pale gray for the upper walls. Again, I wanted to keep it as light and airy as possible while still keeping the old shabby/worn theme.

I used a lot of my own favorite little things to decorate along with some furniture and books I made for myself. Hobby Builder's has this big bush that I used in the Summer picnic and I still have tons of bush that I cut off to put in vases and baskets. It warms everything up and makes it look so sweet. I love flowers, everywhere.

I hope you enjoyed seeing this sweet little space as much as I have enjoyed working on it. See you all soon.... Happy Tuesday friends xx

List of Products Used:

Camden Wall Lamp

Kingston Ceiling Light

Traditional Door (this is what I ripped out of the frame to get the transom doorway)

Brass Switch Plate Covers

Mail Slot

Brass Door Knob (similar)

Easy Cutters ( I actually cut all baseboard and the wainscoting with these) Use a coupon, do yourself a favor... buy them

Wainscot Panels

Bush (similar)

Flowers and Urn Painting

Simple Stair Kit


Chair Rail

Basswood For Flooring

Foxcroft Estate Dollhouse Kit

* Bench, Nesting tables, Books, baskets, bear and other flowers are all from my own collection.