Lately, I’ve gotten some of the greatest compliments from friends of mine both in real life and also online. It’s probably not what you’d think either. So much of what we assume people want to hear actually may not be what the “need“ to hear at that moment and I hope that makes sense.

These friends have told me that they can tell I’m happy. That I look happy. That I look healthy. That they can see I’m in a good place. And I’ll tell you what, that means more to me than you liking my minis. Don’t get me wrong, I work hard for my business. I’ve spent years building it up and I’m thankful for it every day.... but I’ve FOUGHT for this happiness. Last year struggling to find myself again in the midst of a mystery illness and my kids getting sick was a fight I wasn’t sure some days I’d win. So this happiness that you see now, isn’t conditional, it’s joy. It’s me, found.

Currently I’m unhappy with our situation but I am happy mentally. I’m happy watching these kids run around in the sunshine and laugh. I’m happy tucking them in at night and helping them catch worms. I’m happy getting to create and paint again after months of being too sick to. This is a beautiful feeling. One I fought hard for.

Aside from the illness last year I‘d lost myself in a relationship that wasn’t good for me. It was years of not being me not being happy and sometimes as sad as it is, you have to hurt others to be healthy again. I kept trying to change me and make everyone else happy but what I have learned (and if you get nothing else from my rambling today please get this) I am worthy and wonderfully made, just as I am. Internationally created like this for a purpose. YOU are worthy and loved and special just as you are.

Somewhere in the midst of the last year I found myself again. Paint covered hands, happy kids, messy rooms, about fifteen extra pounds, and farmhouse dreams. I‘ll be honest with you... I like me and those of you who’ve noticed the happiness thank you!! It encourages my soul in a way you probably didn’t even realize

So... in honor of me doing only what makes me happy and dreaming of the future, Izzy is going to help me build a farmhouse dollhouse over the next few months and I hope you’ll follow along. We are starting with the Foxcroft Estate from RGT and I can’t wait to share my plans with you. Hopefully in the end it turns out something like this

I love you all, thanks for letting me ramble Happy Friday xx