July Shop Update

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Hello sweet friends! It's almost time for my shop update and I've been working hard to get (almost) everything I had planned ready. With two custom orders I am still finishing up and kiddos sick last week, it's been a little slower than I hoped.

Thank you for joining me over here! Etsy has been making MORE changes that make things a lot better for the buyer but worse on the seller so I am officially moving my shop here. I added a credit card payment option in the shop and real calculations for shipping with USPS. I haven't used that yet so please be patient while I get any bugs worked out with shipping. Everything will ship USPS Priority or First Class.

The shop update will be Friday morning. I am hoping to have all of the items visible by around 9:00 Central time and will announce on Instagram when it's open.

Here are most of the items that will be available. Some I only have one of and a few I can't get more or won't be making any more of. The two lanterns are OOAK. The blue bed and dress form aren't finished so I don't have pictures yet but there is one each of those.

I hope you'll find something here that brings joy to you. Have a wonderful rest of the week, see you soon xx Dani