June shop update

Well friends here we are in the middle of June and I can’t really believe it. James got a day off and had Levi so I threw together a little shop update..... and it’s a good thing I did because in the spirit of the way this year has been I found out I have an abscessed tooth 😭 those unexpected expenses are never fun but neither is going to the dentist right?

I hope you’ll like the dreamy pastels in this one.... because that’s kind of my thing but I did throw in some white too for all of my neutral lovers

The new items will be in the shop on Friday June 19th at 10. I won’t be putting my shop on vacation mode this time because for some reason it leaves my listings invisible for a while afterwards.

I will try to ship orders as quickly as I can but the oral surgery is scheduled for Wednesday and I’m hoping to get in sooner so it could possibly be the following Thursday or Friday before it actually gets packed and on the way to you. I wanted to let you know ahead of time

I hope you’ll find something you love. I have some exciting plans for July if I can ever get any free time xx

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