New Beginnings

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Hello friends. Happy Thanksgiving (to my friends here in the states) I hope you are all doing well and getting excited about the holidays. I know we can hardly wait. Right now I'm dreaming of sweet potato casserole and pounds of gravy.

This year has been a year of transition. A year of readjusting to life with a toddler, changing my business (which was VERY scary btw), doing more of what I love, and also trying to grow my Instagram business. We are almost to 3000 followers which is amazing! I was at around 259 the end of February when I decided to get serious about it. So that's a pretty good increase right? Not only has that brought me new customers but it has also brought me a whole new community of artists, collectors, and friends.

I had been wanting to get back into blogging for my miniatures. With the Etsy shop and Instagram that just seemed impossible but with the new Etsy format it was just the push I needed. I found this site and I can integrate my blog, shop, FAQ's and everything in one place. It's easy for buyers but also very easy for me.

Not to mention that I can create a beautiful website/shop that I have always dreamed of.

I hope you'll all join me and help spread the word. I will still be posting items on Instagram when they are going into this shop, along with getting to blog more. Starting next year I will be going back to dollhouses because I've realized lately how much I miss building them. So keep watching. Have a blessed Thanksgiving, see you all soon!

xoxox Dani