Primative Snowmen

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

A few years ago I saw some adorable paper mache snowmen with sweet little faces, all decorated with rosy cheeks and glittery. They are one of those things I didn't buy and have regretted it since. I saw some similar a couple of weeks ago and put a bug in Santa's ear that I'd love to have them. They're not the same ones that I saw years ago but equally as sweet. The simple vintage style is what draws me in and also they're winter and not "Christmas" so they could be left out all season.

All year I've had the best intentions to try and make some in miniature scale for myself but just haven't ever found the time. Today while my little guy was asleep I made my first tiny one to see if I could get him to look like I wanted. It wasn't perfect of course but he turned out very sweet. So tonight I made one more and I think he turned out precious. I hope you'll love him too

Do you have a favorite holiday decoration?

Xoxo Dani