shop update things

Hello sweet friends. I hope this finds you well and you’re finding time to work on projects that you’ve put off for lack of time. I’m trying to enjoy this “slow” season though to be honest, it’s been anything but slow in the mini world. I have been extremely busy and loving it. Also dreaming up new things to share and new projects I’d like to get around to myself

First of all before I go any further into this post.... from the very depths of my heart, I want to thank you all for continuing to choose to spend your money at my shop. It’s a blessing and I appreciate you all so much. Your love and encouragement means so much to me, even just your comments and messages on Instagram keep me motivated. Plus, in full disclosure your purchases help pay the bills :)

Current custom orders are almost ready to ship. Ballet slippers are drying and ark animals need a couple more coats of paint. I hope to have all of this ready to go within a few days.

The April update was great! I was a little nervous about posting new items during such an unsettling time in our world but it went better than I thought. I had a lot of custom orders afterwards and was already in the middle of two very large ones, which unfortunately put me behind. With a toddler, my free time consists of about 7-10 PM. He still wakes me up at least once a night. (Izzy slept 6-6 so this is new territory for me ) So as much as I love and appreciate the custom orders I just don’t have time to do them and work on new items. It’s not possible to get it all done then I end up very stressed because I hate to make customers wait so long to ship items out.

I have a list of what I’d like to make for the May update. Lots of new things. Lots of ideas in my head and things that make me happy and I can’t wait to share them with you (when I get around to working on it) I will also try to restock favorite items like ballet slippers a few at a time with each update but for the time being... if it sells out during the update I can’t let you order one after. Saying yes to one item for one person quickly turns into yes for ten more and I just don’t have the extra time. I’m sorry about that but it’s just the best option for me right now.

You are ALWAYS welcome to send me an email afterwards and tell me what you missed and to let you know if I make more. I‘ll start a notebook with the items you’re interested in and your email

I’m also planning to make a few full sized items that I’ve been wanting to make and selling them here on my website. There are so many shabby things in my mind to create and they’re not all 1:12 scale. I’m excited about that too

I do appreciate you all so much and honestly hate to say no to you lol

See you soon xx