the august market

It's that time again and I'm excited to share this little preview with you here on the blog. I worked really hard on this shabby market for August and I hope you'll love the mood as much as I do. I honestly wish I had my French dollhouse already built because I'd have put every single piece of this in it. Ok, so maybe it's a good thing I don't...

The Etsy Shop will have all items active tomorrow morning at 10:00 (eastern) one of the many reasons I hate Etsy is because when I activate the items sometimes they don't show up instantly like they do here. I am going to try to activate just a few at a time as see if it is any better than the last few updates. If they're not showing up please just be patient and keep refreshing. It is SO frustrating to me and I know you too.

I'm planning to move my shop here to the blog/website within the next month but for this update... it's Etsy as usual because I just haven't had the time to move all of my current listings over here yet. The September market will be a good one though, I promise.

If you're subscribed to my email list and you got an email earlier, read the bottom for a surprise. If not you can subscribe below. Trust me, you want to.

I truly hope you'll see something you'd love to add to your collection. But mostly that it will bring you joy for years to come xx Dani