weekend farmer's market

I've been a customer of Hobby Builder's Supply for years and so every time I get to team up with them on a project, it's kind of exciting. I admit that I "fan girl" a little bit that they want to work with me. That's a thing, it really is! So this time I was working on a Summer scene and of course, you know me, farmhouse everything runs in my veins... so why not a Farmer's Market type thing right?

I've seen SO many gorgeous Pinterest photos of old pickup trucks and it just so happened that HBS had a beautiful blue one that I loved. I WISH I had this truck in real life. I didn't change the truck at all. It comes with the bed where it looks like wood slats and the color is perfect so the only thing I did was add a little brown paint here and there for a less pristine effect. And let me tell you, it was hard to keep Levi from playing with it, so I had to take the photos on Saturday when he wasn't home to help me lol.

I wanted it to look like a truck parked at a Farmer's Market with the goods in the back. Some flowers, fresh produce, and jars of local honey and jam. Also, you need rubber boots for everything so I took the boots from the website and just added a little brown paint (shocker right?) and then a little "dirt" on some glue I brushed on with my fingers. The dirt I used on the boots and sprinkled in the truck bed ( I also use for soil) and it's just a dried out tea bag and I cut it open. It's the perfect dirt. It looks so realistic in photos sprinkled around pots of flowers, in a shovel or anything. You need to try it if you haven't already.

The galvanized tubs are some of my favorite miniatures I own. They are shiny when they arrive and look unused to me so I basically finger painted them. I rubbed a little white on here and there, followed by a little teal blue, then rubbed some brown on in places and the took a finger not covered in paint and smudged it... and that's how I ended up with the old and dirty look for those. Easy peasy! They're beautiful aren't they? I used exact same method for the watering can and then stuck some paper flowers in it that I had in my stash. For it, I just used white and then brown and skipped the teal.

The little "wooden" crate back there is actually a plastic one that comes in a yellowish color and I used white chalk paint to cover it. You could paint it any color that you want to of course but I was trying to stick with a color scheme here so I went with white. Because it's plastic there are textured wood grain in it and so it painted up really nicely. Two coats, a little brown dirt and done.

All of the paper flowers and pots are some of my own that I'd painted and arranged a couple of years ago. I keep meaning to make more for the shop but always seem to run out of time for little things like that. Maybe soon.

Let's take a moment to appreciate that spilled honey why don't we? I knew I was getting ready to start on this soon so I contacted my friend Beverly who I have bought mini food from for years on Etsy and asked her if she'd be willing to make me some things for an upcoming project. She made me these beautiful honey jars, the spilled honey jar, strawberry jams, and the strawberries in the crates. They were exactly what I needed to finish this scene. If you want to find her work, she's not on Instagram but you can find her Etsy shop here (Cute in Miniature)

So how about you, would you be as tempted as I would to buy everything out of this truck in real life? I think more Farmer's Markets need old pickups. This one will be parked at the Serendipity Farmhouse whenever I get it done so I think I'll have to order Levi one of his own.

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and maybe this shabby little pickup made you smile. xx Dani